What is

Pretty Special Records

Pretty Special Records is the fetid concoction of the blood, sweat, and spit of film composer Greg Szydlowski. Featuring acts that span the full range of musical genres from Heavyish Metal to Smoothish R & B, Pretty Special Records is doing its best to cover all current and future Grammy categories.

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What is

Greg Szydlowski

I am. But I call myself Gregorio to be cool. I write and produce music for film, television, games, and anything else that needs it. I also write, perform, and produce all of the music on this site. The artists on this site do not exist in real life. I lied to you, and for that I’m sorry.

I am available for freelance and contract work.

Contact Info

Email: Greg@GregDoesMusic.com
Phone: 312-804-7125
Portfolio: www.GregDoesMusic.com


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Picture of The RappistThe Rappist

He raps

Daryl Skreep: Sad as HellDaryl Skreep

Depression Country

The ProboscisThe Proboscis

Heavy-ish Metal

The Polish Irish TenorThe Polish Irish Tenor

Bemusing Opera

Throbbin Dwight Penn“Throbbin” Dwight Penn

R&B. Pervert

Bikini ProblemBikini Problem

Unwholesome Children's Music

John Mayer IIJohn Mayer II

Total Douche

Church CampChurch Camp

Not Religious but Spiritual

Greg Does MusicGreg Does Music

I am! Me Does!