Bikini Problem

Two halves of one terrible idea:

Bikini Problem

Bikini Problem

Those are the guys, officer

Meet brothers Larry-Tate and Bradly Rohlson.  They write music for children under the name Bikini Problem.  Pretty Special Records does not recommend exposing the music of Bikini Problem to children.

Larry-Tate and Bradly used to do a lot of LSD.  Like a mutherhumpin’ lottttt, and…well…you know that friend of yours–you love him to death– but he did balls-loads of drugs for a long, long time?   He quit all that and he’s been clean for years, but he was never really himself again, just a weird, slow-witted, version of the funny and charming guy you knew in Junior high, who still hates the government for reasons that only made sense when he was tripping?  That’s Larry-Tate and Bradly.

They’re clean now and they feel the need to give back to society so they’ve decided to write educational songs for children.  The problem is that half of the things they sing about don’t even exist in real life.   Or else it’s just really bad advice.

Bikini Problem

Oh dear

The only lesson you may learn from them is that when it comes to certain drugs (LSD, Cocaine, Heroine, Ecstasy, Crack, Meth, Paint), don’t do them more than, like,  five times each.


Bikini Problem

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