Daryl Skreep

So depressing doctors stick him down little kids throats to see their tonsils.  Its:

Daryl Skreep

A young Skreep.  Before the Awful

A young Skreep. Before the Awful

Hey do you kids like Country Music?  Yes?  Well that’s about to change.

This guy is a total downer.  He wasn’t always.  Years ago he

Daryl Skreep Lately


was a wide-eyed young ‘un with a guitar’un and a song in his heart’un.  He wrote

cheerful tunes that reflected his youthful interest in money, fish, and poop-jokes with songs like “A Hundred Million Dollars and Diarrhea”, and “My Brother’s got a Hammerhead Shark”.

But then tragedy struck.  When he was 27 he lost his entire family…at the same funeral.

Since then Daryl has been lost in the dark forest of despair.  Fighting every branch with the ferocity of the well studied and documented chupacabra.

He may emerge from these dark woods with a new found strength and optimism.  Or maybe he’ll just be covered in burrs.


Daryl Skreep

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