John Mayer II

The Second Wrong that Makes it right,

John Mayer II

All John Mayer II cares about is girls.  John Mayer’s girls.

Why Should John Mayer I get all the gullible college-age girls?  Share the wealth, John Mayer I!


John Mayer II aims to split the market share on these girls to bust up the monopoly built by John Mayer I’s affected smokey voice, and fakey-intellectual lyrics. As an intrinsic reward, John Mayer II will also gain a following of douchey guys who emulate his spiel in order to score their own small pea from the dumb-girl pot-pie.

Perhaps he will teach a class on it.  It’s not like it’s hard.  observe:

The cacophony of moans as my sausage flavors your gravy
is like a hundred friendly ghosts — minus seventeen makes eighty-three.
Every breath is like a whisper passed amongst us all together
Just like the game, Telephone, except things end a little wetter.



  • Female Offspring
  • I will treat your outer structure like an amusement park.
  • Looking Forward to things on Earth being Different.


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