Throbbin Dwight Penn

Law & Order: SVU was ripped from the headlines of his diary.  Its:

“Throbbin” Dwight Penn

There’s not much we can say about “Throbbin” Dwight Penn that wouldn’t violate his right to a fair trial.  Even describing his music is considered grave sexual misconduct.  The best we can do is take comparable artists and put them in a scenario that captures some of the running themes in his songs.

Luther Vandross, Al Green, Bill Withers, ABC, Billy Ocean, Prince, and Rick Astley are stranded in line at the DMV on a deserted island.  And they’re allllllll humping.


Stick 'em Up (Your Love Hands Up)

“The Game of Love / Love Game (Love’s a Game)”

“Sexual Predator”

“Heartiac Arrest”

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